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Welcome to D.S. Martin LLC

With a combined total of over 75 years experience, D.S. Martin can tackle your toughest plumbing and HVAC problems. We offer custom design and estimates for your projects as well as alternative solutions to problems. Master Plumber License #44, Lancaster City, York City and other surrounding areas.

Experience the difference

The dedicated technicians here at D.S. Martin are eager to service whatever life throws your way. Whether it be maintenance or an emergency, we will be there in a hurry to make sure the job gets done with affordable quality service, products and repair. With so many years under our belts, we know what dedication, skill and customer service means for this industry. All employees have been Drug & Alcohol tested, as well as criminal background tested.

  • Drain cleaning
  • Excavation
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Services
  • Snow Removal

Drain Cleaning

Eliminate The threat Of A Clogged Pipe or Sewer

Here at DS Martin we're able to offer you the most reliable drain and sewer cleaning services in the area due to our state-of-the-art equipment. Our equipment includes:

•Video camera inspections

•High-pressure water jetting

Receive Full Drain and Sewer Services With Every Call

• Emergency Services

• Sewer Line Opening

•Plumb Out Flooded Basements & Other Areas

• Repairing

• Locating

• High Pressure Commercial Water Jetter: 3" to 18"

• Color Video Camera Locating, Pipe Inspection, Utilities, Diagnostics, & Line Depth

• Kitchen, Bath & Laundry Drains

• High pressure water jetting

• Cable Machines: 1 1/2" to 6" Pipe• Repairing

• Septic Systems Drain Opening & Rehab

• Unclog Manure Farm Pit Lines

• Storm Water Line Opening

• Custom Jobs

• Cooling Tower Servicing

• Special Rotating Heads for Commercial High Pressure Water Jetter

• High Pressure Surface Cleaner

• Manure Retention Pond & Drain Piping



We have received several calls and inquiries on the following subjects.  The answer is YES.  We do it all!!



No Water
Clogged Toilets
Leaking Water Heaters
Water Leaks
Faucet Leaking
Well Pumps
Sewer pumps sump
Repipe  Repair

Water & Drain

Outside Faucets
Shut Off Valves
Gas piping repair & installation

Drain Cleaning

Clogged Pipes
Clogged Drain
Colby Camera Drains  & Locate
Cable Kitchen & Bathroom and main drains
High Pressure Water Jetter
2 ” to 18″ pipe
Grease Trap

Heating  & Air Conditioning

NO Heat
AC stopped Working
NO Hot Water Heat


Trench Work
Storm Water Management
Dig out & Demo
Water & Sewer Service
Repair &  Installation
Hauling  Material
Snow Removal and Deicing
Lift Truck



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